Down to Business

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Avery Books
On sale: September 1, 2009                                                     
Price: $17.00



The First 10 Steps to Entrepreneurship for Women

By Clara Villarosa

With Alicia Villarosa

In today’s troubled economy, more and more people are finding themselves out of work and not knowing where to turn. Twenty years ago, Clara Villarosa was one of those people. At 52 years old, after years of climbing the corporate ladder, the business maven found herself out a job. Desperate to make a living, Villarosa thought of the one thing she could do to dust herself off—she launched the groundbreaking The Hue-Man Experience, the largest African-American bookstore. In her new book, DOWN TO BUSINESS: The First 10 Steps for Entrepreneurship for Women (Avery Books; On Sale: September 1, 2009; $17.00), she teaches others how they can become successful entrepreneurs by providing a 10-step blueprint for starting their own businesses.


Now a sought-after career coach, Villarosa has led dozens of career workshops and is the recipient of more than thirty awards, including the National Minority Entrepreneur of the Year. In DOWN TO BUSINESS, Villarosa gives budding entrepreneurs clear, step-by-step tips on starting their own businesses—covering everything a woman needs to launch the small business of her dreams, including:


  • How to develop realistic business ideas by researching the industry;
  • Analyzing a competitor’s marketing approach;
  • True economic empowerment, from recruiting investors to using loans wisely;
  • Scouting the ideal location;
  • Clear, targeted, step-by-step instructions for creating a business plan—and beyond.



Packed with stories of businesswomen at all stages of the game—from a beer connoisseur-turned-brewer to an avid reader-turned-literary agent—DOWN TO BUSINESS brings together inspiring, real-life stories illuminated by Villarosa’s award-winning business savvy and serves as a timely response to an uncertain economy.


By Clara Villarosa with Alicia Villarosa

Avery Books

September 1, 2009


About the author:

Clara Villarosa opened The Hue-Man Experience bookstore inDenver more than two decades ago and later opened a second, enormously successful branch inHarlem. A business coach, she had led workshops for dozens of clients. The recipient of more than thirty awards, including the National Minority Entrepreneur of the Year, she lives inHarlem,New York.

Alicia Villarosa is a corporate runaway who left public relations to earn her master’s degree in social work fromAdelphiUniversity. She is a freelance writer, blogger, and self-employed instructor who has been teaching exercise and Pilates for over twenty-five years.


About Avery:

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