The workshop “The First Ten Steps to Entrepreneurship” is a 90 minute hands-on session that capitalizes on Ms. Villarosaʼs 20 years of retail experience and helps small businesses plan their strategies for development and growth. The workshop gives the budding and new entrepreneurs clear, step-by step tips on starting and growing their own business and covers the skills and resources needed to launch the small business dream.

These include:

  • Building realistic business ideas by researching the industry

  • Analyzing a competitors marketing approach

  • Creating true economic empowerment, from recruiting investors to using loans wisely

  • Scouting the ideal location

  • Developing marketing plans, advertising and branding

  • Identifying the best business structure

Ms Villarosaʼs personable style and manner of presentation keeps the audience engaged
while covering lots of information. The workshops were created after a leading bank made a request to provide customers with concrete information to prepare them to apply for business loans.

Since that time she has conducted workshops for banks including JP Morgan Chase, Commerce, TD, Washington Mutual, HSBC, Wachovia and Carver Federal Savings. The workshops were expanded into a book when participants asked for a take away to assist with retention and implementation of the material.

“The First Ten Steps to Entrepreneurship for Women” was published in 2009 by Penguin/Avery, and although the book is for women, the content, like the workshop is universal. The book is not just an informational manual but an engaging read packed with real-life inspiring stories of women in all stages of the game with 20 different types of business.

Finally, the book utilizes the workshop to be a catalyst to complete exercises with step-by-step instructions for creating a business